Windows 8 by default offers “Pin to Start” menu item to right click menu of selected File or folder, so to pin a file or folder to modern UI you need to right click and select Pin to Start, but this option is not available for some system properties like Run command, God Mode or any other Control Panel applet meet Start Screen Pinner freeware Portable tool  lets you virtually pin anything to Start Screen.

Its true that Windows 8 start page does offer tiles for some desktop and metro applications, where you may want to fill that space with useful and regularly used ones, then you can rely on this Pinning tool to pin items.

Pin Anything to Start Screen in Windows 8

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run StartScreenPinner app. This app offers tiles to pin a file, folder, library (can be any one of documents, Music, Pictures, Videos or all of them) and special item such as system related tasks and folders.

Start Screen Pinner

You need to do is click on respective tile, select the file or folder or item you want to pin and click pin button where Start Screen Pinner adds them to Start Screen. Press Windows key to view added items on Start Screen. As you know if you unintentionally pinned an item you can always unpin it by right clicking on it.

Download Start Screen Pinner for Windows 8

I want to  know which item you found difficult to pin to Windows 8 Start Screen without using third-party programs? let me know in comments.