Two months back for developers to test B2G apps on desktop Mozilla made available B2G nightly build for Firefox OS formerly known as Boot 2 Gecko (B2G), similar to nightly build of Firefox to test cutting edge features  Mozilla also offers nightly build for B2G on Mozilla FTP Servers. But apart from downloading the build users find it difficult or don’t know how to use it don’t the case with developers.

Myk Melez from Mozilla felt desktop testing environments for Firefox OS “ like b2G Desktop, B2G Emulators and Firefox’s responsive design view are either difficult to configure or significantly different from Firefox OS on Phone”. Hence to distribute b2G Desktop he developed r2d2b2g  add-on which is short for is Ready to Deliver to Boot to Gecko “ is an experimental prototype test environment for Firefox OS”.

B2G Desktop

Developers and advanced users can download this add-on on Mac, Linux and Windows (52 MB and crashy) platforms. After installing this extension it adds B2G menu items to Firefox Tools menu which allows developers  to start B2G Desktop or install apps by selecting install page as app. 

Windows users are unlucky as Firefox crashes when you either to try to start b2G desktop or install app which Myk  Melerz which already specially mentioned where Mac and Linux users  may able to test Firefox OS aka b2G Desktop without any issues right from Firefox.