Fences, free desktop customization tool from Stardock, which lets you clear clutter of desktop icons by organizing same file type icons of programs, docs, folders into separate groups is no longer freeware with Fences 2.0 version release onwards. Stardock has released Fences v2.0 yesterday, which you can evaluate it for 30 days, after that, you need to purchase its license for $10 or if you’d already have Fences license, then you can unlock this version.

UPDATE: Fences 3.0 released with Windows 10 support and Roll-up Fences feature 

Fences 2.0 is a paid program now, its new features

New features included in this release are: folder portals and Desktop pages. The former one lets you “Expose folders containing documents or pictures onto your desktop in “fenced” areas making them easy to access “.  And with the latter one  “you can now have multiple pages of “fences” on your desktop. To flip a page, just take your mouse cursor to the edge of your screen and click and drag a new page of “fences” onto your desktop.”

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How to access Fences 2 new features

If you try to access either of the two features mentioned above, welcome to Fences pop up comes in your way which offers options to purchase, evaluate or unlock previous purchase, to continue using its trial version for 30 days, you need to click on “Try fences”.

Fences 2.0 annoyances

Paid version comes with crap,  AVG security toolbar.

Where to download Fences free version?

Want Fences Freeware version? Download Fences 1.0.1 from here. I’ve installed Fences 1.0.1 free version and its working fine without any issues as you can see from the screenshot below, of course, this version doesn’t offer pro or new features such as Folder Portal and Desktop pages included in the latest release.

Destkop layout with Fences free version

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Do you purchase Fences 2.0 that come with crap (AVG Security toolbar) which offers above mentioned two new features? Or will you stick to the free version? Or you don’t need this tool at all? Let us know your opinions in the comments.