PrivacyFix an extension for Firefox and Chrome is available for download released by Privacychoice org where it clams to fix privacy issues in Google, Facebook and other websites. Pricacychoice says “Facebook sites are revenue driven”. These sites track you on websites you visit through widgets or buttons and sell it to advertisers. PrivacyFix comes built-in with powerful tools like Tracker blocker and widget blocker. This extension shows all privacy settings of  Facebook that leaks your information and lets you review and change settings to protect your privacy.

Installing and using PrivacyFix extension on Chrome/Firefox

You can install this extension from the website link given above. After installing the extension you’ll be automatically redirected to privacy page where if you’ve already signed into Facebook account after a quick scan for dozen privacy settings it shows Fixes for you.


When you click on “Fix” button it takes you to respective setting page lets you uncheck or you can leave feature as it is. For instance, by default your Facebook profile is indexed by search engines like Google so that any one can find you through Google.You can now fix that in Facebook by clicking on “Fix “ button offered on Privacyfix page so that others can’t see your information on Google.

PrivacyFix overview -video

How helpful are fixes offered by PrivacyFix?

“You can choose to limit who can see and find your Facebook profile and activity, including games and apps. You can stop Facebook from collecting data about you
on other sites. “

Is it safe to install Privacyfix extension?

While installing its Chrome extension the information that extension access scares you, here is the info it collects when you use this extension

  • access data on all websites,
  • Read and modify your browser history
  • Access your tabs and browsing activity
  • Manage your apps, extensions and themes
  • Manipulate  settings that control websites access to Cookies, JavaScript and Plugins

Question arises extension told to fix privacy issues why need to access all data on websites,  but Privacyfix promises that it doesn’t collect you data unless you explicitly choose to send to it.

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