Since by default IE10 comes as default browser in Windows 8, if you’re wondering how to print pages in IE10 in Metro mode or from any other metro app in Windows 8, this is the article that explains that information. While printing from IE or other apps on desktop is easy as usual, but that’s not the case with Internet Explorer offered in modern UI. If you want to print a page from IE Metro app, then simply follow the steps mentioned below.

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Printing Pages from IE10 Metro in Windows 8

1. Open Internet explorer by clicking on its tile on start screen

2. Turn the Printer on. Visit any website you like Wikipedia or if you’ve already opened page you wish to print, hover over right corner and select ‘Devices’ on the Charms bar or simply use Win+K shortcut instead to bring up Devices Charm.

3. Devices Charm lists the printers connected to your Computer on the sidebar including “Second Screen”, which only useful if you’re running your PC with dual-monitor setup.

devices charm on  IE metro with printers list

4. Select the Printer, since I don’t have a printer physically connected to my PC, that’s why I am going to use Printer Windows 8 comes with, it is  Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

4. Click on More settings- set page orientation, size and when you’re ready, click on Print button.


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Printing shortcut Ctrl + P works in metro

Don’t worry! Printing can be more simple than you see here Ctrl +P just works for you, but this doesn’t lists Second Screen option. Ctrl +P is the way to go.

The above printing procedure applies and works for every metro app in Windows 8, above method not only useful for printing pages from metro IE, but also from other metro apps as well.

Since Chrome in Windows 8 mode offers same printing experience as the desktop version, you don’t need to follow this complex method for printing the pages. At the time of writing this article Mozilla yet to add printing support in Firefox metro preview (Update: in fact, don’t even bother about it, because, Mozilla has discontinued Firefox Windows 8 app).