Few days back Opera 12.10 beta has been released with support for new standards, Operating Systems and Opera software has also released three new APIs with it which allows developers to create extensions. One, Context Menu API allows extensions to add an item to context menu. Two, Screenshot API allows extensions to capture screenshots of webpages and third, is Resource Loader API allows extensions to “load resources from other parts of the extension”.

Since Opera 12.10 is still in beta and that too released only few days back, that’s why at present not many extensions are available in Opera add-ons catalog to try these APIs, but however for the first two APIs at least one or two extensions available to test on Opera next version.

Opera context Menu extensions

Tineye Context Search and Goto IMDB2 are two extensions that uses Context Menu API are available in Opera add-ons catalog.

Screenshot Extension for Opera

Screenshoter is an extension built on ScreenShot API. Any developer can create an this type of  extension by calling opera.extension.getscreenshot( ) function which allows to take screenshot either from background script or injected script.

We can able to see and use more of these in Opera in future once stable version releases, meanwhile you can try above extensions in Opera beta. Lets hope developers already started their work on building extensions based on these APIs. [Via Opera add-ons blog]