Opera software has released first beta of Opera 12.10 for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms with new features for end users and developers. This release has to be Opera 12.50 Beta but Opera reduced version numbering from 12.50 to Opera 12.10. This beta brings  SPDY, new capabilities for extensions with three new APIs, improves HTML5 standard, offers better site compatibility and supports Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Loin.

SPDY, supplement to traditional HTTP protocol which loads pages faster on Google services and other  SPDY-enabled sites like Twitter and Facebook (soon), whole web not yet adopted SPDY protocol. Currently Firefox, Chrome and Opera browser using this protocol to bring speedier access to Google and other sites. SPDY comes turned on by default in this release.

Windows 8: Touch support for Opera has been added in Windows 8 classic which works on in Windows 7 also.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Retina display Support: “You are now able to use Mountain Lion’s built-in share function, using the new Share button in Opera’s address bar, as well as seeing Opera notifications in the Notifications Center.” . Opera 12.10 supports Apple retina display where you can able to view pictures and videos more clearly with higher quality.

Extensions and new APIs: Opera 12.10 offers three new APIs context menu API, screenshots API and Resource loader API using these APIs developers able to create engaging extensions for opera users.  Opera now prevents install of extensions from third-party sites, you’re allowed to install extensions from Opera catalog.

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Opera 12.10 Beta

This release adds support for new standards such as Fullscreen API, and PageVisibility API and Opera 12.10 comes with websockets turned on by default where in the past Opera has disabled web sockets in Opera 11 when vulnerabilities were found.

Download Opera 12.10 Beta