Ninite, popular site which allows automatic install of multiple apps at once added Start Menu replacement Classic Shell to its apps list. If you’ve installed Windows 8 or upgraded from Windows 7 by by choosing without keeping files option, to install all your favorite apps on Windows 8, you don’t need to manually visit each program site and download the latest version Ninite automates this on Windows 8. User can select Classic Start with other programs on Ninite homepage, so that they’ll be installed without toolbars in the background on your Computer.

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Visit Ninite homepage, select the programs you want to install on Windows 8 from categories like Web browsers, Messaging, Media, Runtimes, Messages, Imaging, Documents, Security, File Sharing, Online storage, Utilities, Compression and developer tools.

You can find Classic Start aka Classic Shell with Start Menu under ’Utilities’ Category, don’t forget to check-mark it. Once all done, click on ‘Get installer’ download and run it, where Ninite installer does the rest without you need to click on Next, Next.

Classic Shell in Ninite

If you don’t know: Classic Shell is the best freeware Start menu replacement available for Windows 8 that skips start screen and boots straight to the desktop on startup. Classic Shell offers three types of menus to choose from Windows Classic, Windows XP, Windows Vista/7. I know you prefer Windows 7 style  start menu, which is the third-one.

If you’ve problems in running Ninite installer on Windows 8, you can download Classic Shell from developer website, and you may be interested in other apps that allows multiple apps install like Smart installer pack, ZeuApp, FreeApps and Speed Install.