Do you know you can assign names to group of tiles on start screen in Windows 8?. One way of using Windows 8 is either completely forget about modern UI by using apps like Classic Shell or start to get used to it. If you prefer the latter you may want to organize tiles on start screen which includes tiles of metro and other apps installed by you. Unpin unused ones like Messaging and other apps so that Start Screen looks clean and tidy (check the start screen of mine in the screen shot below).

To give a clean organized look for Start page you can combine few tiles to form a group and name them so Start Screen turns into a traditional desktop that you could use on regular basis. This grouping of similar apps is not new concept, this does reminds you about Fences, desktop customizing app.

Start screen with different  names assigned for group of tiles

Forming a group for tiles is very easy, you just need to bring similar app tiles on a single column. Rearrange them by dragging and dropping to and from other columns. Once groups are ready, you are now ready to name them.

Naming group of Windows 8 Start Screen tiles

1. Enter the start screen

2. Click on minimize button (-) at the bottom of the screen.

3. Right-click on group, then a tick mark selected appears on it with “Name group” button at the bottom, click on it type the name group of tiles and press enter.

name this group of tiles

That’s it group has been named, similarly you can assign different names to other groups as well.