Mozilla going aggressively against tracking websites by launching add-on about:trackers which has the built-in the tools to block connections and cookies when a site it tries to access user’s shared data on other websites by using cookies. It not clear whether Firefox going to offer this feature for their browser natively or through an option like Do Not Track.

Mozilla cares about users privacy everyone knows that. Firefox already offering optional Do Not Track feature which when turned on sends a signal to websites that user wants to opt-out of behavioral tracking so he should not be tracked. Here advertising networks and sites needs to respect the signal becomes the issue.

Block Tracking sites automatically in Firefox with about:trackers add-on

And Collusion add-on by them shows which sites tracking the user. About:trackers is the add-on released by Mozilla prospector team which to automatically block tracking sites that tracks you across too many other sites.

To use certain website user need to accept ” terms of service” which Mozilla wants sites to adopt to these have to agree to terms before accessing Firefox shared data.

about trackers automatic tracking sites blocking

Mozilla on about:trackers add-on

“We’ve put together a proof-of-concept add-on, about:trackers, that explores this idea of policies that allow for cookie blocking and connection blocking. While this add-on shares no data to the web sites with accompanying terms, this experiment gives users some settings to adjust and see if their browsing experience would be positively or negatively affected. “ Edward Lee says in Mozilla blog.