Mozilla testing Mozaic prototype which shows thumbnail previews of bookmarks in Firefox. At present any user who spends time on internet can end up saving more than hundred bookmarks which tedious to organize and the purpose of bookmarking for future reference never used. Possible reasons: difficult to find the bookmark he was looking for in bookmarks menu in library. Mozilla thinking of displaying bookmarks in thumbnail view as a possible solution and made functional prototype of Mozaic which now available as an add-on for testing on Firefox 16+.

Mozaic thumbnail view of bookmarks

Mozaic add-on brings visual bookmarking treat to Firefox

After installing the add-on Mozaic shows content on three tabs: bookmarks, current tabs and History. Bookmarks content offered in thumbnail grid and list views. At present only thumbnail view is working. This add-on also shows tab groups like Panorama.

Mozaic List view of bookmarks

Mozaic features

  • Visual thumbnail view of pages
  • More traditional list view with site icons
  • Single page layout instead of a folder hierarchy sidebar
  • Contained within the browser window instead of a separate window
  • Sticky scroll” group headers that remain visible as you scroll
  • Shows bookmarks, tab groups, and history.

Mozaic concept inspired from album gird and album list views in iTunes and is still in development. Mozilla may integrate Mozaic’s visual bookmarking system into Firefox in future or continues to develop as an add-on. This add-on uses PageThumbStorage API in Firefox 16+,  give it a spin.

Caution: Mozaic is an experimental add-on, still not perfect and that’s why not recommended for use on working systems.