If you’ve installed Google Chrome in Windows 8, to uninstall it obviously you’ll open Control Panel>Programs>Programs and features, select Google Chrome and click Uninstall button, uninstall Chrome prompt dialog appears and the further uninstallation process continues if you click uninstall button, but this doesn’t happen if you’ve set Chrome as default browser in Windows 8, true.

Fix ‘Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again’

Windows 8 Chrome uninstall problems

If you’ve set Chrome as default browser in Windows 8, then when you click uninstall button, Chrome launches in Windows 8 mode and Chrome uninstall fails by showing a dialog on desktop “please close all Google Chrome windows (including those in Windows 8 mode and try again)”.

Though if you close Chrome in Win8 mode and start uninstall process you’ll experience the same old story again. Currently Chrome dev. users experiencing this problem, then how to uninstall Chrome in Windows 8? Read step by step guide below.

Close all Chome windows dialog

Uninstalling Chrome in Windows 8

Here in two ways you can uninstall Google Chrome, leaving the choice to you.

#1.You need to set other browser such as Internet Explorer as default browser and then uninstall of Chrome happens easily.

For that open Internet Explorer on desktop, from Tools menu Open Options>select General tab and click on “Make Internet Explorer the default browser”

make internet Explorer default browser

Now set Default programs window pops up, select IE on left side and select set this program as default on right-pane and click Ok button.

UPDATE:  Visit Settings > Show Advanced Settings, under System, remove tick mark  for  ‘Continue background apps when Google Chrome is Closed’

Now try to Uninstall Chrome from Control Panel, it will without any issues, you don’t need to follow below method.

#2. Or open registry editor by using “regedit” in run command (use Win+R)

Navigate to HEKY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Chrome\Metro and double click on  “launch_ mode” entry on right and change its hexadecimal value from 1 to 0, click Ok and exit registry editor.

Chrome launch mode registry entry in Windows 8

Now You can easily uninstall Chrome without any issues. Currently, you’ll face Chrome uninstall  issue when you use Dev. channel only(?).

Uninstall Google Chrome confirmation prompt