IDriveSync file sync and sharing service offering 10 GB of free storage for free accounts for limited time which is 5GB initially, as you know Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive offers 2 GB, 5 GB  and 7 GB respectively as free storage, if you compare this service to them you’re getting sufficient storage capacity. If you ask why should I signup and use all these services?, you may signup for all these to store files up to 24 GB space in the cloud, you don’t need to carry files with you in USB drive or other removable media they’ll be available wherever you go, with referrals you can get even more.

Signing up for IDriveSync’s 10 GB free space plan  

If you’re willing to get 10 GB free space, go ahead and signup for iDriveSync, much like to any other online storage service download Windows/Mac client offered by IDriveSync and install on your computer, IDriveSync folder will be created. Drag and drop files to that folder/web interface which will be synced on all devices and available on devices for sharing.


IDriveSync with Visual Sharing and Facebook Integration

IDriveSync seems have been redesigned recently with new features: visual sharing and Facebook integration where visual sharing allows you to build up contact list where you can share files with contacts by dragging and dropping. You can also form a group with some contacts.

iDriveSync account details and storage space

Recently Dropbox added support to share files to Facebook groups where IDriveSync’s Facebook integration allows you to upload Facebook photos to IDriveSync and further share them to Facebook, before that you need to connect your Facebook account with this service for that sign into this service and click on Facebook login button on right side and follow the instructions. 

Files you place on IDriveSync will be secured and encrypted by using military-grade technology. This service app for iOS ( iPad/iPhone) and Android available on App store and Google Play.

 iDriveSync mentioning on their website 10 GB storage space plan available for limited time which may be changed to 5GB when offering period expires.

What’s your take on IDriveSync’s 10 GB free storage plan? do you signup and use this service ? let us know in comments.