Google Drive client which is available for Windows and Mac saves login credentials entered by the user after Drive installation, this system of saving username and password can cause serious problems to user on shared systems. When user selects“Visit Google Drive on web” option on client tray menu then he can able to access his Drive account on web without logging in. This can be misused on a shared computer in Office or other working environment where others can access not only his files, documents in Google Drive but also the other Google services associated to his Google account like Gmail, Google plus.

Even when user logs out of the session on web, but when the above said link from Drive Client is selected then Google logs anyone automatically into Drive without prompting for password. It’s surprising! and shocking to know that even two-step verification enabled users are not protected here.

Visit Google Drive on web auto logs user to Drive a concern

What should’ve happened, Google must have asked the user to enter the password for authentication to get into his account which not happening at present. Does Google addresses addresses this? lets wait and see?.

What do you think about this? do you want to auto login to Google drive on web from client or should Google prompt you for password? convenience or security which you prefer more?. Share with us in comments. [Via H-Online]

Update: Google  already warned about this on Google drive client help page

If you share a computer and don’t want others to have access to your Google Account, sign out of your Google Account when you’re finished using the computer.
You shouldn’t install Google Drive for your Mac/PC on a public or shared computer, as anyone with access would be able to open and view your files.

Thanks to commenter Keith for letting us know about this.