MHTML is short for MIME HTML, where browsers like Opera and Internet Explorer allows to save web page and its resources like images, animations, CSS, graphics, Java applets and audio files, etc. into a single file or web archive. MHTML often called as MHT files, can be viewed in Firefox browser through an extension unMHT, where Google Chrome has already added Support for MHTML an year back but functionality still not added. At least we can view MHT pages in Current Chrome stable version as I can confirm.

At present, Chrome lets you save page in either in HTML-only or as complete webpage. You can’t save pages in MHTML format which are useful to share with your friends much like to PDFs. But currently saving page as MHT is feasible through experimental flag offered by Google Chrome.

To Enable Save page as MHTML for Chrome

1. Visit about:flags in browser

2. Scroll down and find Save page as MHTML and select ‘Enable’ button

3. Restart browser for the changes to take effect. If you found its difficult to find that flag, then press Ctrl +F to bring the find bar and type Save page .. in it for Chrome to highlight and show it.

Google Chrome save page as MHTML

But let me tell you this disables functionality of saving page as complete in HTML only or HTML complete. This feature throws away saving page as html and welcomes MHTML.

Disables saving pages as HTML-only or HTML Complete; enables saving pages only as MHTML: a single text file containing HTML and all sub-resources.

To save page in MHTML format

You can now either right-click on web page you want to save and select ‘Save as’ or select ‘Save Page as’ from More Tools submenu in the main menu and choose ‘All files’ or MHTML document for Save as type“ and click the ‘Save’ button to store page in MHTML format.

Saved MHTML file opens by default in IE, you need to drag and drop it into Chrome address bar to open within Google browser.

Updated on May 06, 2017.