Google is testing new interface for Gmail Compose which now pops up in a window on-right side of page similar to chat window and lets you reference other emails without saving drafts. Gmail’s new composing experience is completely opt-in and is available to select users at the moment, to try out sign into your Gmail account and click on ‘Compose’ button and further click on ‘try it now’ button on ‘Preview the new compose’ pop-up.

You’ll  never lose Gmail  inbox view with new Compose pop-in window on right. Where current compose experience is different-when composing a new message to get info from other email message you need to save message as draft and view inbox to search old emails -something not intuitive and new Gmail compose UI offered for preview can solve this problem.

preview new Gmail compose

Advantages with new Compose interface

  • You will see inbox, new messages with Compose window being set aside. While writing messages you can know newly arrived emails.
  • Add recipients more faster than before- Gmail autocomplete fills up profile pictures of your contacts so that you’ll able to find the right contact quickly.
  • Hover over Attachment or + icon to insert photos, links, emoticons and Google calendar events. Insert image in line by dragging and dropping, you can manage embedded image size to smaller, medium or larger in size and you can remove it also.
  • Compose two messages at once on same page,  true! its now possible click on Compose button again to get a new message pop up window.

Changes in for replying and forwarding too

With new UI adoption click on ‘trimmed content’ shows you your previous message within reply. To change the subject for reply, from More options menu at the bottom select “Start separate new conversion(new subject)”, you can also use the same drop down menu to reply and forward the messages as well.

reply and forwarding messages

How to switch back to old compose

You can always switch back to old Compose by by selecting option from ‘More Options’ menu at the bottom. To access new Compose again click on ‘Compose’ button and click on ‘Try out the new compose experience’ link next to Labels button.

switch back to old gmail compose option

Google promises the availability of new compose over coming months for every one.