Old days gone where you tend to get run time errors in internet explorer for certain websites in Windows XP, you still bound to get these annoying errors in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7,  Microsoft now offering Fix it tool for Internet Explorer 6,7, 8 versions for getting errors same as below “Error, a runtime error occurred. do you wish to debug ? Line: line number and Error: nature of script error”.

Manually fixing Internet Explorer run time errors

Run time error do occur on website when they’re are not compatible with browsers. The above type of errors you get can be fixed by disabling script debugging for Internet Explorer, you can find this option in Advanced tab of Internet Explorer settings.

disable script debugging ie

Fix it resolves run time errors in IE

You don’t need to navigate through Tools and advanced tab and scroll down to Browsing and select disable script debugging option, Microsoft Fix It tool automatically does this for you. Fix it tool creates a  restore point before attempting the fix.

Do note if your IE already have option which fix it tool checks is enabled you don’t need to use this tool.

Fix it Tool for Visual C++ runtime errors

If you’re getting Microsoft Visual C++ runtime errors they can be fixed by resetting Internet Explorer settings and Microsoft offering Fix it tool for that also.