Till now you used to go to Mozilla website and download latest Firefox version according to your system configuration you’re using which can be installed even offline without any problems. Now Mozilla wants to offer web-based installer from the time when they offer 64-bit version because these stub installers eliminate user decision to choose x86 or x64 version before the download.

Web installer for Firefox is a small setup file that downloads requires components from Mozilla servers and installs Firefox onto your computer. Web based installer requires internet connection and they always install latest version.

Check the screenshots below which shows Firefox install process with web/stub installer.

This is  how Firefox install happens with stub installer when user clicks download button on Mozilla website.  User clicks the download button, small Firefox setup. exe file will be downloaded and saved to users’ Computer.

Friefox setup

Which on running shows dialog window to install Firefox button with options and install, cancel buttons. Once you click on install button download starts it can’t be stopped or cancelled meanwhile Firefox download or install progress shown on the window. Web installer installs only required components and eliminates unneeded ones and also checks whether you’re using 32-bit 0r 64-bit & installs right version for your computer.

Firefox stub or web installer

With full offline installers you may end up installing older version with vulnerabilities where stub installer always installs latest safe & secured version with new features.


Chrome too offers web installer

Yes Chrome is offering web-installer too which installs Google update process which periodically checks and installs updates, and let me tell you one disadvantage with Chrome offline installer it doesn’t install Google update process so you won’t be protected with latest updates.

You can check more about Firefox stub installer and its UI here. [Via Ghacks]

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