In August Google has changed their favicon to all Blue, about time when we’re thinking why Mozilla has not updated Firefox’s search bar for 15+ versions with the Google favicon 2012,  they done that but it was landed on Firefox 18, you can spot the change if you’re using nightly build. If you want to replace Google’s old favicon on Search bar of Firefox 15 stable, 16 Beta and 17 Aurora with the new one here is how to do it, it is very simple.

Update Firefox 15,16,17 Search bar’s Google favicon

If you’re using Nightly, copy google.xml file from “C:/Program Files/Nightly/Searchplugins” directory and paste in “C:/program files/ Mozilla Firefox/searchplugins”, click on copy and replace when windows shows copy file dialog.

google.xml file

Similarly to get new Google favicon for Aurora, copy and paste google.xml from nightly to “C:/Program Files/Aurora/Searchplugins”.

google new favicon in Firefox 16 beta search bar

Don’t have nightly build installed?, download Google.xml file from here.