Preview build of Firefox Metro works only if you’re using Windows 8 RTM or later versions like Pro and enterprise that means it won’t or doesn’t work on Windows 8 Release Preview and earlier released versions such as Consumer Preview and Developer Preview. When nightly build of Windows 8 Firefox version was out we know the news but not able to cover it here since it not worked on Release Preview we’re using (we don’t have RTM yet).

We wonder there is something wrong with my System as I have installed few apps that modifies modern UI or boots system direct to desktop thought culprit was those apps, but later when I uninstalled all of them and gave several tries to launch installed Firefox Metro Preview after installing it for three or four times not able to start Metro Firefox as I’ve already set it as default browser. FYI if you’ve registered Metro Firefox successfully you’ll see a tile of it on start screen.

Firefox metro tile

Firefox Metro Preview doesn’t work with Windows 8 Release Preview

We’ve today came to know officially from Mozilla future releases blog that preview build intended at testing Firefox Metro works on Windows 8 RTM or later versions like Pro and enterprise that means Mozilla not included support for this build on Windows 8 Release Preview and earlier versions.

That’s bad from Mozilla considering Windows 8 not available to all yet, at present those MSDN & Technet subscribers and users who downloaded trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise going to test this browser, at least it could’ve better if Mozilla could’ve available this for Release Preview users as Windows 8 Chrome version working fine on Release Preview. If you follow moves of Chrome for UI changes, new features and other web standards you could’ve done the same for Firefox users?