Mozilla has released Firefox 16.0.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux which fixes security vulnerability Mozilla mentioned yesterday and also another critical flaw reported by Mozilla developers. That means according to security advisories for Firefox page two critical vulnerabilities have been fixed with this release. This update is available for download via automatic updates and on official Mozilla website. You can upgrade either via about Firefox dialog which downloads 21.7 MB update or by installing Firefox 16.1 installer with 17 MB  size offered by Mozilla, whichever method of update you choose doesn’t matters but upgrading from Firefox 16 to 16.0.1 is  important.

What happened?

Yesterday a security researcher disclosed privacy flaw, default value security checks not applied in Firefox 16 in his blog which lets sites to know user browser history, Mozilla immediately pulled Firefox 16 from installer page and offered Firefox 15 in place of it which not affected with the flaw .We’ve reported this on blog yesterday.

During this time Mozilla developers found another critical vulnerability miscellaneous memory safety hazards, Firefox 16.0.1 also addresses this.

Thunderbird 16.0.1, SeaMonkey, 2.13.1 released

Mozilla’s other products Thunderbird and SeaMonkey are also affected, they’ve been patched and new versions Thunderbird 16.0.1 and SeaMonkey 2.13.1 have been released.