Mozilla integrated Facebook Messenger into Firefox as part of Social API and many more social services will be integrated into Firefox which soon can happen, if you’ve enabled Facebook Messenger in Firefox lets us see how to use it.

We’ve covered how to turn on Facebook Messenger for Firefox in Aurora or Nightly build, Mozilla promised us that they allow Beta users to test Facebook Messenger. Beta 2 update pushed by Mozilla for Firefox 17 today now available, you can download and install by checking for updates from Firefox about dialog. After installing the update you still need to enable Facebook Messenger by visiting this page.

Facebook Mesenger for Firefox explanation

Using Facebook Messenger in Firefox

To get started using Messenger for Firefox, click on “Log In” button on sidebar and sign into Facebook with your email and password.

Messenger for Firefox offers Sidebar and icons which appear after you sign-in. Access friend requests, messages and notifications from the Facebook icons visible on on upper right-corner of Firefox.

 Facebook Messenger icons in Firefox

Hide sidebar in Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Sidebar can be obtrusive, covers part of the browser on right side, you can hide that by clicking on Facebook icon and deselecting show Sidebar, similarly you can hide desktop notifications also from that icon.

To send a message to friend, click on his/her name on chat sidebar and type the message in tiny chat window, message you send will appear as part of conversation on Facebook.

To like an article on website, click on Facebook like button on address bar, which appears in your news feed and on your timeline. You can always track your likes from your activity log.

You can manage pop ups, chat sounds, turn off chat and log out of Messenger for Firefox and access Help button by clicking on Settings icon on lower-right corner of sidebar.

Privacy settings you’ve applied for your account will be also applied to Messenger for Firefox.

Disable or turn off Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Above we said how to hide sidebar. You can completely hide Facebook Messenger and its icons by deselecting ”Facebook Messenger for Firefox” from Firefox>Options menu.

You can also achieve the same by toggling “social.enabled” preference value to false.