WebRTC is short for Web Real-time communications, by using WebRTC websites/apps in browser able to share, stream video, audio and data without any plugins. For example you can think of using Skype video chatting app in browser without the plugin. Currently Firefox 19 nightly and Firefox 18 aurora support WebRTC, but this code is hidden behind a preference in about: config. Which when you enabled, you can able to try the WebRTC demos of getUsermedia, single host peer to peer connection, single host Data channel, and multi host peer connection.

In the past Mozilla announced in their blog that they’re looking to release Firefox 18 browser with full WebRTC support which officially set to release in January first/second week of next year, 2013.

You can enable and try WebRTC in Firefox in any one of Aurora or nightly channels installed on your Computer.

Enabling WebRTC in Firefox 18

1. Type about:config in the browser, click on “ I’ll be careful, I promise “

2. Find the preference “media.peerconnection.enabled” and double click on it to turn its value to True.

Now visit WebRTC test landing page to try demos mentioned above.

Remember to try getUserMedia you need to have camera and microphone devices connected to your Computer because getUserMedia demo asks your permission to access these devices.