Few days back Mozilla announced in their future releases blog that they’ll allow Firefox beta users to test Social API with Facebook Messenger. And let me tell you Facebook Messenger for Firefox page is live on Facebook website you need to be using Aurora or Nightly build of Firefox to enable and test it, currently not working on Firefox 17 beta.

Firefox wants users to access social sites like Facebook without visiting in tabs, Facebook Messenger is the first service to get integrated into Firefox as part of Social API testing. Mozilla has been working with Facebook since sometime for now on this.

Turning on Facebook Messenger for Firefox

1. In Aurora or nightly visit the link https://www.facebook.com/about/messenger-for-firefox.

2. Click on Turn on button, which enables Facebook Messenger in Firefox and also the sidebar which you can see on right-side.

Turn on Facebook Messenger

2. Use login button on Sidebar to sign into Facebook where sidebar shows all your friends and chat window lets you chat with people while you browse.

3. After the Firefox search box on navigational toolbar,  you can see Facebook icon which allows to toggle view of sidebar and desktop notifications, Friend Requests icon lets you access all your friend requests, Messages button for accessing all your messages , Notifications for viewing all notifications. Except for Facebook icon other appears only when you sign into Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox page reads as below

Messenger for Firefox, Keep up with Friends wherever you go on the web

Chat while you browse: stay connected without having to click away

Get Notified right away:See new comments, photo tags and stuff instantly.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox not functioning on Beta

On Firefox beta at present when you enable Facebook Messenger nothing happening at present. Same page on other browser like Chrome asks you to get latest version of Firefox to use that feature which currently points to Firefox beta download page.