Emsisoft Emergency kit 3.0 has been released with improved user interface and better detection rate thanks to new second antivirus scan engine, BitDefender which has improved detection of threats greatly without false positives. This program contains four portable tools: Emergency Kit Malware scanner GUI and command line, HijackFree, and BlitZBank.

Emsisoft Malware Scanner uses two Antivirus engines, one from Emsisoft and other from its partner, BitDefender. These two engines work without conflicts. Command line scanner intended for professional users allows to launch scan from command line .

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 3.0 main window

What’s new in Emsisoft Emergency Kit 3.0

User interface has been improved, easy to use for novice users.

Online Updates are faster because of small incremental downloads method. Updates that contain latest signatures will be downloaded within minute or two and you’re ready to search for malware in your Computer using  Emergency Kit Scanner.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 3.0 Scanner UI

New version allows to restore registry entries affected by malware. False positive rates decreased with new BitDefender scan engine where false positives detected by last version need to be attributed to former second scan engine, Ikarus.

First scan engine has been improved, which now runs much faster than before. New Performance Settings available for experts on Scan PC section allows configure the CPU use of the scanner.

Works on upcoming Windows 8 (32-bit).

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit is portable, so you can carry it in USB stick and perform scan on infected PCs effortlessly.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit 3.0 [223 MB]

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