Public folder in Dropbox accounts allows users to drop files to the folder and share the generated link with the public (even they don’t have Dropbox accounts) by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Copy public link”.

Dropbox announced in the past that new accounts won’t have public folder by default, that change reflects for accounts created after October 4, however public folders for accounts created prior to October 4 will continue to work.This change has been brought for the sake of new Links feature. However Dropbox says that new users still able to create public folder on their accounts by following a link.

Dropbox offers Share button for their web interface

Update : Dropbox no longer allowing to create public folder for free users, you should be using Dropbox Pro or business plan now for that.

Why Public folder links have the advantage for the user over the new Links?

Links for the files placed in Dropbox public folder are generated instantly and easier to copy and paste immediately on email, forum, blogs etc..where on the other hand here is how the Links feature works:

You need to drop a file or folder to Dropbox folder, once uploading is done, select it and click on “Share link” where the preview of file and link shown on another tab you need to click on “copy link to this page” to copy to the clipboard or you can directly enter names or email addresses of people you want to share and click send button.

Here sharing process gone lengthier and involves more clicks when compared to public folder direct links, that’s why you may prefer Dropbox public folder over links. You can view shared links on Links tab and also remove those links from there.

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Create/enable Public folder for your new account on Dropbox

New Dropbox users, don’t worry! You can still create a public folder on Dropbox by following the link, then click on “enable public  folder” button on the dialog shown.

enable public folder

Next, to enable public folder, you need to verify your email address by clicking on “Send email” button on the pop up, check your inbox and click on the verification link sent by dropbox, “your public folder is now enabled” message will be shown on your Dropbox account.

public folder enabled

Dropbox now offering the option to disable ‘Move to Dropbox’ Context Menu Item

Which one might new users prefer Links or Public folder links? Do you like the change introduced by Dropbox for new users? Let us know in the comments.