Mozilla removed Send Link item from Firefox Context Menu, you can see this change in recently released Firefox 16 and if you want that functionality back you can achieve same with Email this add-on for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Firefox 16 has been released recently where Send Link context menu item has been removed which I came to know useful for some people through their comments.

Send Link Vs.Email Link, which is better ?

When either of Send Link on context menu and Email link from Firefox menu is selected your email address, subject and link on body of message will be pre-filled in email where you need to write your friends email addressees only and click Send button. But moving mouse cursor to Firefox menu and selecting email link is not intuitive when compared to right-click on page and selecting send link button.

Send link has been ditched, now what? no about:config preference is there to bring back, but Email this add-on will do.

Email This Add-on Adds send link back to Firefox Context menu

“Email This! will send your recipient the link, title, & highlighted text of the page you are viewing using Gmail, Google Apps Gmail, Yahoo, and Stand-Alone Mail Clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, & More! “

Email This item on Context menu

After installing extension to send link, right-click on page and select Email This and from its sub menu choose any email service or default email client like in Thunderbird to open and send the link.

Send to link filled in Thunderbird

Hotkeys, the time savers

I know you’re not liking extra step you’re taking to select Email this sub menu item, hot keys are here!. To send to desktop email client just use “Ctrl +Alt+ k“ hotkey (windows). And similarly you can find hotkeys for other OSes on extension page.

Note: Let me tell you I found random shortcut I tried i.e Ctrl + Alt+ k seems to open thunderbird than developer mentioned hotkey Alt+ Win key + k on Windows. Hotkeys not working or wrong on my end?

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