Chrome download bar good or bad? When you start to download a file, download bar shows the progress of file download and time remaining and also allows you to open the downloaded file when done, you can always navigate to downloaded folder by selecting show file in folder, that’s what Chrome download bar currently does.

But here is something that annoys user as it occupies bottom of the screen and doesn’t go away when the file download is over. When you open the new tab, the damn bar still there at the bottom, you need to click on x (close) icon to close the bar, that’s annoying.

Chrome download bar


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New downloads UI flag no more

It seems as if  Google isn’t not going to get rid of this download shelf, but to be honest new Downloads UI flag has been offered in dev. version in the past, which, when enabled disables the Chrome download bar and implements new UI. But we don’t know when Google has removed that flag from about:flags, reminds us flags are experimental features and can break or change or disappear at any time.

Chrome to get Shortcuts for rotating PDF Documents and Clear Download History

Get rid of annoying Chrome’s download bar

Is there any other way that user can find a solution or workaround to this, probably through an extension?,Yes! A developer came with Always Clear Downloads extension which hides or automatically closes the download bar when file downloads are complete.

Though the main aim of the extension creation is to clear the download entries automatically, which chrome doesn’t offer by default, but you can still able to clear download history manually from the clear browsing data dialog and good thing this extension offers even developer doesn’t mention on the extension page is it dismisses the download bar when download completes, something that you, me and majority of Chrome users want.

Google Chrome to Open Downloaded PDF Files in It by Default

Though this extension clears the list of downloaded files from Chrome://downloads page, you can still access them by clicking on open downloads folder. This extension seems to serve our purpose and takes the downloaded entries away.

Download Always clear downloads extension

What do you say about this extension? Shouldn’t this be default behavior in Chrome? Share with us in comments.