Adblock Plus for Chrome extension now out of beta and its now as powerful as Adblock Plus for Firefox when functionality and stability are considered. Version 1.3 nixes beta label and brings even better ad blocking performance (blocks video ads), more bug fixes and adoption of security features of Chrome new versions to the table. You can wait for a while for Chrome to update the extension automatically or manually update it by clicking on ‘update extensions’ now button on Chrome://extensions page.

Adblock Plus 1.3 stable for Google Chrome released

ABP Developer Wladimir Palant says in his blog “Adblock Plus for Chrome is now officially out of beta, its functionality and stability are comparable to Adblock Plus for Firefox. The user interface is still lacking, we are working on that”.

Accepted ads allowed : This extension now allows some unobtrusive ads by default for Chrome version (Firefox version already has this) which you can disable from extension options page by deselecting ‘allow some non-intrusive advertising’.

Newly added First-Run page loads automatically when you upgraded to latest version or install new version, this only appears once. This page offers change log link to new features, improvements.

ABP for Chrome now able to block commercial video ads with use of WebRequest API. Since Chrome 17 and earlier versions doesn’t support this API you can’t get that feature in those versions.

Do Not Track support removed from Adblock Plus for Chrome

Lot of users don’t know both Adblock Plus for Firefox and Chrome sends Do Not Track header signal to websites that user wants to opt-out from tracking, this happens when you’ve selected either EasyPrivacy or Fanboy’s filter lists. Do Not Track header removed from Chrome which will soon be followed by Firefox version as well.

Reasons for this pretty clear, Firefox and Chrome now offering the DO Not Track support, developer don’t wants to force DNT on user end on behalf of ABP.

Other changes include:

  • Added support for element hiding exceptions.
  • Fixed a data corruption bug that would sometimes corrupt the filters.
  • Source code license is the GNU General Public License v3.0 instead of the Mozilla Public License now.

Download Adblock Plus 1.3 for Chrome