Plugins in browsers add features to browser for e.g Flash plugin in browser lets you view flash videos and Java Plugin lets you run/access Java based apps, websites and games in browser, where there to has to be some reason for an app to install Plugin in any browser if you’re wondering what is Facebook Desktop plugin doing in Firefox or other browsers? through which software it added to your browser and what is the functionality of this plugin?if these questions bothering you, then  you’re landed on right place as we unfold more details about it below.

What is Facebook Desktop Plugin?

You’ve guessed right! this plugin is related Facebook and to be more specific it relates to Facebook Messenger for Windows, a desktop client released by Facebook which lets you chat with friends on Facebook without need to visit Facebook website in the browser.

Facebook Desktop

If you’ve installed Facebook Messenger it installs Facebook Desktop plugin for all browsers in your Computer such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera, you can view it in Firefox by opening Firefox add-ons manager and clicking on Plugins.

What is the functionality of this plugin?

We learned that this plugin has nothing to do with Facebook Messenger installed on Windows, you can able to use FM even after disabling or by removing this plugin.

How to disable or Remove Facebook Desktop plugin?

You can visit browsers plugin page by typing about:plugins and click on disable button. To remove this plugin without effecting functionality of Facebook Messenger, all you need to do is

1. Close the browsers and Exit from the Facebook Messenger, now navigate to  below directory for that you need to copy and paste following path in Run command

“ C:\Users\username \AppData\Local\Facebook\Messenger\”

2. Open Facebook version number folder (to the latest FM version number is 2.1.4590.0) and  backup npFbDesktop.dll file to a folder for future use and delete that file.

Facebook Desktop Plugin installed location

3. That’s  it! this plugin has been deleted completely from your Computer and browsers. FM will continue to work as usual from now.