Twitter has Media Policy which doesn’t allows you to upload sensitive content such as text/images with nudity, violence and medical procedure unless you specially select setting “mark my media as containing sensitive content” for your  account. If you don’t mark this setting in your account some people may flag your media for twitter team to review then after reviewing the flagged media twitter automatically checks that setting for you and if media you posted doesn’t follow twitter rules and guidelines your account might get suspended.

Why I am telling all this? if you’ve  encountered a picture shared by person you follow Twitter warns you “ we can’t show you everything! Your media display settings are setup to hide photos and videos that might contain sensitive content, luck for you that’s easy to change (with a link pointing to your account settings).

To view this picture anyway you need to click on “Display this” button or click on “always display media like this”.

Twitter we can't show you everything

Even better you can avoid getting this warning in future by visiting your account settings and selecting “display media that contains sensitive content”, after enabling this setting you need to enter your password to save the changes to your account and after this change you may end up getting abusive or nude pictures if people you’re following post such stuff.

Tweet media settings

I feel its better to leave that setting and if you trust the person you follow doesn’t post like this stuff, then you can always view it when you come across such content by clicking on Display this button as I‘ve encountered with pic from sachin_rt ( popular Indian cricketer) yesterday.

We feel enabling this setting something similar to turning the safe search filter off in Google, don’t you know? then only user able to view adult stuff. By default both settings we said above for Tweet media are disabled by default.