SkyDrive, cloud storage service of Microsoft got Recycle bin feature which means from today onwards any file deleted from your account in won’t be deleted permanently instead they’ll be send to Recycle bin where you can review and delete or restore them later. Recycle bin addition turns very useful for SkyDrive users in case of accidentally deleted files. This feature is currently appearing in my SkyDrive account, Microsoft said in their blog post that it will take 24 hours for this feature to appear in your account.

Students asked Microsoft to add recycle bin feature to SkyDrive to recover accidentally deleted files, which Microsoft done now.

Finding and opening Recycle Bin in SkyDrive

You can find Recycle bin link at the bottom left side of SkyDrive. User experience in removing file has improved with this addition, where instead of showing warning dialog which comes in your way SkyDrive now removes the file immediately and offers undo button.

File content in Recycle Bin doesn’t count as storage limit against your account unless it surpasses 10% of limit which is rare case then Microsoft removes the oldest content. Do remember if you don’t remove or restore items in Recycle with in 30 days Microsoft then automatically removes them after 30 days.

SkyDrive Recycle Bin

Recycle bin offers details and thumbnail view you can select either of those to your convenience and for each item the details offered are:  Name, original location, date deleted, Size you can know more details about selected file with right-click on it and by selecting Properties where more info shown on right-pane. Selected Item context menu offers Restore, Delete, Properties and Clear Selection options.

Like to see whether Google offers similar feature to restore deleted files for its Google Drive. Do you like Recycle bin feature of SkyDrive?share with us in comments.