SeenBefore a search engine created with innovative thought which records what you read on your browsers (currently supports Chrome only through an add-on), archives all this content for you so that after few weeks you can know what you’ve seen before within Google search results via Seen Before link on left side. All your browser history will be stored on their servers even though you clear your browsing history you can still able to find page you read few days back on SeenBefore. Even the page you saw doesn’t exist now still you can read that page in this website as it stores cached copy of it.

SeenBefore integrates with Google Search

For instance if you remember a phrase in website you visited few weeks back instead of searching for that phrase to find that website through search results offered by Google SeenBefore offers less number of results from last weeks you read, your habits not changed here! you’re searching from Google by clicking SeenBefore option on on left side of the page.


How seenBefore is different from Google history and browsing history? browsing history offers titles/links to page you’ve visited in the past, Google history doesn’t offer all sites you visited in your browser where seenBefore records all sites you visit and archives page contents.

SeenBefore Chrome extension

SeenBefore currently available for Chrome via an add-on, before installing Seen Before add-on  you need to create an account in this website. After installing the extension it will send all details of each page visit to SeenBefore which the website uses to help you in finding  sites you saw before.

Security and privacy

SeenBefore add-on like to other add-ons doesn’t work in incognito mode in Chrome, this add-on doesn’t records online banking/email sites, shopping carts, payment pages, HTTPs mode.

You can delete information stored on the website by closing your account with the link provided at the bottom under Danger Zone.