Readability service which lets you read articles now or later online without ads and menus, currently Readability supports Firefox and Chrome browsers with its add-ons. Today Readability has released its extension for Opera which is available for immediate download from Opera add-ons catalog.

If you don’t know: Readability can be compared to Safari Reader which converts long articles into clear view for better reading experience for publishers and writers online. You need to have free account in Readability site to read articles on browsers it offers add-ons, if you don’t have one create one account easily.

converted page in Opera

Using Readability for Opera

After installing the extension, click on button added on Opera toolbar to access Read Now, Read Later and Send to kindle buttons. You can read all stored articles in your account at anytime to your comfort. Want keyboard shortcuts? use ` for Read now, Shift+ ` for Read later, Shift+Ctrl+ K  to send to kindle you can change these shortcut to your liking from the extension preferences.

Readability for Opera