These days Antivirus companies protecting their users by detecting newly emerged threats in real-time effectively by using cloud technology, Cloud antivirus company Panda has released Panda Cloud Cleaner which uses Panda’s collective intelligence (scanning in-the cloud) to detect threats on your PC which conventional antiviruses don’t find and allows to remove them.

Main purpose of Panda Security company releasing this tool is to let their users install their Panda Cloud antivirus without any issues, for e.g if malware, Trojan horses in your PC prevent antivirus install then Panda recommends their users to download and run this tool to disinfect the PC. Its always best to scan your PC for infections with these tools if you’re not sure your PC is clean.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Using this cloud based rogue ware cleaning tool is quite simple, download 18 MB file of it, install on your computer and launch it with the shortcut on desktop. Initiate the scan by clicking on Accept and Scan button after reading the license agreement. Which performs quick scan on your system and scan results will be send to their Cloud for analysis which when verified shown on you PC back with a report of threats detected and options to clean them.

Panda Cloud Cleaner scan results

Be cautious, these sort of tools may flag some legitimate files and third party applications which Panda doesn’t know as virus, only clean the infections and suspicious registry entries shown by tool after reviewing them.

Panda Cloud Cleaner works on Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7, you can download this tool from here.