Recently, when we tried to search from the Search bar in Opera 12.10 Beta RC it crashed and shown Opera needs to restart dialog saying that “a problem has occurred, forcing Opera to close. To help us avoid similar problems in the future, please send an error report below.” with buttons at bottom to send and don’t send the report. You will find this something similar to Mozilla crash reporter dialog where if you allow to send the report, which helps Opera to fix these issues so that they might not happen in future versions of Opera or click do not send report to investigate the issue your self.

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You can view the report by clicking on button offered on dialog. Opera Restart Dialog offered full restart, minimal restart and Do not restart options where first two options opened Opera usually without any issues, but when we tried to search using Opera search bar it again crashed and displayed the same dialog.

After googling for it online, we found that in the past users have received this crash dialog were not able to find a proper solution, this article sheds some light on possible solutions so that your Opera may not crash and show this dialog again.

Opera needs to restart dialog

Opera 12.14 Coming to Fix 12.13 Crashes, RC Already Available

Since I got this dialog on Beta version, it is recommended for you not to use beta version in working environment,  we learnt that Opera fixed this issue [DSK-374118] in the next snapshot.

1. You can either disable all the add-ons by choosing minimal restart for Opera shown in the dialog,

2.  Reset Opera settings to default by deleting Operapref.ini file, check the problem is solved, if not go to step 3.

3. Install latest stable version of Opera, still experiencing the same issue go to step 4.

4.  Downgrade to older version of Opera to see opera offers fix for the current version, while fourth-one can’t be recommended, but to figure out the problem you may have to.

Above I have listed all possible cases to prevent getting”Opera needs to restart” dialog again, am I missed something? Or have you experienced this in the past with Opera? What you’ve done to overcome this? Share with us in the comments.