Till now Twitter offered widget to embed any public timeline on your website, but the downside of these timelines is visitors on your site can’t interact with the tweets inside this box, today Twitter has launched new tools to make these embedded timelines interactive which allows bloggers, developers and other Twitter users to create their own timelines to place on websites.

If you place embed timeline on your website visitors can now access it as if they were on Twitter.com. Any visitor already signed into Twitter can reply, retweet or favorite your tweets straight from your website without visiting Twitter on web browser. Since these timelines auto expand photo, media and more by default they appear in center of timeline. You can expand tweets to see count of  received retweets and favorites.

Twitter currently lets you create embed timeline from any account, a user’s favorites,  Twitter lists, for any search query or hash tag.

To create your own embeddable interactive Twitter timeline on your website

1. Sign into your twitter account with tour username and password

2. Visit https://twitter.com/settings/widgets

3. Click on “create new” button against to widgets, under “User timeline” tab enter twitter username for which you want to embed timeline, fill fields such as  height, theme, link color and domain names where you want to place embedded timeline and click “create widget” you can even out opt out of tailored suggestions by selecting option provided at the bottom of the page.

interactive embed Twitter timeline

4. Gab the html code and place it on your website. We’ve embedded timeline for this site on right-side for testing purposes and removed it after that so that site doesn’t slows down.