Finally Opera started talking about “Windows 8” where we knew Chrome already offering modern UI version for Window 8 and Mozilla is working on it and we can get a nightly build any time soon to test. Its strange that Opera always in front in innovating new features this time left behind offering Windows 8 supported browser, they’ve started the work now and their first aim is to improve classic desktop support for Windows 8 in regards to that, next major release snapshot Opera 12.50 has been released with touch support in Windows 8 which also works on Windows 7 as well.

So if you’ve touch devices start accessing Opera UI in Windows 7/8 where “you should be able to scroll and move web pages and elements in Opera UI using touch”, touch support work isn’t finished yet, so wait for more snapshots to release in near future.

Opera 12.50 touch suppport windows 8

If you specially interested to know about touch support below features are added

  • Pinch to zoom
  • Inertia scrolling of UI
  • Inertia page scrolling
  • Touch based drag and drop of UI elements – with inertia

Download  Opera 12.50 build 1580  with touch support for Windows 8 from here.