If you’ve heard the news in the last few days, whole web gone with buzz about vulnerabilities in Java, only Java 7 versions are affected though. Oracle knew about these vulnerabilities since April but left users in the dark till yesterday as they released the update yesterday it self which patches these.

Mozilla which always concerns about security of users has enabled Java update notification for Firefox on Windows and Linux platforms “that will show up every time a user visits a site with a Java applet using a vulnerable Java plugin”. The notification points user to Mozilla Plugin Check page, which helps user to update their Java to latest version.

Mozilla plans to extend this notification to Mac where majority of people is not affected with this vulnerability and IcedTea plugin on Linux. This notification is live for Windows and Linux versions of Firefox.

Before Firefox alerting you to visit their plugin check page why not check out of date plugins in your browser by visiting that page, we suggest you to stay secure by installing latest version of Java from Oracle website before getting this notification.