Google Docs now becomes Google Drive as few days back Google started switching all docs users to drive and if you’re using Windows, you can download and install Google Drive client on Windows, which syncs files and folders in your Drive account on the web back to Drive folder and synchronization happens vice versa too.

Much like Chrome, Google offers online installer for Google Drive,  which may be not the most convenient install method for systems with low bandwidth and slow internet connection.

Google Drive online installer

Usually, like all, you can download Google Drive from here.  If you run Googledrivesync.exe, then the installer downloads required files and installs Drive on your Computer.

Fix Google Drive’s Uninstall Error: ‘ Another application has exclusive access to the file..’

Finding official offline installer link for Google Drive isn’t that difficult

It’s true that Google does offer offline installer for their cloud storage service, but keeps it hidden, but you can find it easily. Since Google Drive version number changes with the updates, it’s difficult for us to provide a permanent URL for it here on this blog.

Official Google drive offline installer to say for e.g. for version number x is where you need to replace x with the current version number.

Then Google Drive standalone installer link becomes, but this link changes once Google drive gets another update, then you need to replace the above version number with the new one. This might be a bit tedious. But there is no other way around.

How to Setup Offline Access for Google Drive

Knowing Google Drive version number

If you visit this Filehippo page  Majorgeeks page (bookmark it for future needs), you can notice download link offered for latest Google Drive version, which also displays the version number. Select and copy the version number, and replace x in the link bolded above and paste it in the browser address bar to begin download.

Tip: You can know when was the last time Google Drive updated by checking on the Technical tab for Drive on Filehippo site.

This page gets updated whenever a new program update released for Google Drive, so you’ll always know the latest version number.

This article content has been rewritten and updated on May 4, 2017.