You might know this: much like to Chrome Microsoft integrated Flash plugin into Metro IE 10, Microsoft left users in the dark till yesterday as Flash version in Windows 8 Internet Explorer have vulnerabilities, however good news is that Microsoft worked with Adobe to release Flash Update for IE 10 (KB 2755399) via Windows Update which you can install if you’re using Windows 8 Release Preview of RTM versions, here is how.

Installing Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player in Windows 8

1. Open Control Panel>System and Security> Windows Update

2. Click on “Check for Updates” on left side of the screen

3. Windows 8 will shows the updates available, click on it to view the updates offered by Microsoft for Windows 8 here you can see Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8 (KB2755399), you can install this selected update or all important updates by clicking Install button at the bottom.

KB2755399 update

4. You need to restart Windows 8 for the updates to apply.

Manually downloading Flash Update for Internet Explorer 10

You can visit this page to download flash player update for IE manually on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

Note: if you’re using Windows 8 regularly with automatic updates turned on this flash update might be installed already which you need to check.