We’ve written a post two years back on how to update Avira offline, a manual update method used to work till Avira 2010 or versions prior to it, with the comments in that post we came to know, that method no longer working for Avira 2012. For a manual update of 2012 products, Avira has released “Avira Manual update tool” which is also known as Avira Fusebundle Generator to create antivirus update archive incrementally.

Avira update utility “creates an archive (fuse bundle) containing the latest engine, the Avira VDF update files and the corresponding Avira antivirus update control files (info.gz).”

How to install Avira Free Antivirus Offline?

Manually Updating Avira with Avira Fusebundle Generator

1. Download Avira Fusebundle Generator zip file from here, extract its contents to a folder.

2. Ensure you’re connected to the internet, locate and run the Fusebundle executable in the extracted folder, then this tool creates “install” folder and starts to download Fusebundle archive into it.

3. You can see the progress of the download in a command window as below, this may take more time, depends on your internet connection speed.

Avira Fusebundle Generator

4. Once the download is completed, a DOS window disappears, now copy vdf_fusebundle.zip file in ‘install’ folder to a USB drive and connect that USB drive to offline PC, copy and paste that file to a folder on the desktop.

5. Now open Avira Control Panel by clicking on its tray icon, click on Update>select ‘Manual Update’, and select zip file we brought into the PC via USB drive.

Avira free antivirus manual update

Update: For Avira 2014 and higher versions, select ‘nVDF Update file (vdf_fusebundle.zip)‘ instead of ‘xVDF Update file‘ for vdf_fusefundle.zip to appear in ‘Open’ dialog, check the screenshot below

choose nVDF Update File (vdf_fusebundle.zip) in open dialog