When you install Avira Free antivirus on your Computer with ‘Express install’ method, Avira SearchFree toolbar powered by Ask.com will be installed for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers; Ask.com will be set as default search provider for these and Avira Search will be set as home page also. These are annoying changes Avira Antivirus makes to browsers. Searches performed from these affected browsers will show search results generated by Ask.com. Let us take a look at how to uninstall this Avira Toolbar from your Computer.

Avira Search Free Toolbar

UpdateAvira Browser Safety Beta Announced, Replaces SearchFree Toolbar

Before proceeding with this toolbar uninstallation let me tell you that Web Protection offered by Avira will be removed with this.

Uninstalling Avira SearchFree Toolbar

1. Close all browsers if any running, open Control Panel>Programs and Features, select “Avira Search Free Toolbar plus web protection”

2. Click ‘Uninstall’ button, when a warning is displayed, click on ‘Yes’ button

3. Avira Toolbar and Avira SearchFree Toolbar updater will be uninstalled, you need to restart your Computer for the changes to take effect.

Avira warning system restart

Download Avira Browser Safety Extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera Browsers

Removing Ask Search engine from Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers

Firefox> Arrow icon>Manage Search Engines, select ‘Ask’ and click ‘Remove’ button.

Tip: More easy method I recommend to you is to use ‘Reset Firefox’ button from Troubleshooting information page.

Chrome>Settings>Under Search section Manage Search Engines>select ‘Ask’ and click on Cross icon at the end of it to remove from the browser.

IE from Tools>Manage Add-ons>Search Providers

Select ‘Ask’ and click ‘Remove’ button. You can also easily change home page to desired one.