If  a website that doesn’t support in Firefox what you usually do is copy and paste that link in another browser in your Computer, to view live streaming of a video in media player like VLC you also need to manually copy the link, enough copy and pasting meet Browser View Plus extension for Firefox which automatically detects all browsers, media players and download managers installed on your Computer and adds them to “Open Link With menu” which appears when you right click on a link in Firefox.

open link with menu

Opening Links in Firefox in Browsers or Media Players

After installing the extension, access extension options, Browser View Plus Menu Settings dialog shows all installed browsers locations and their names under “Open with”  tab. Another tab “Opera Link with” displays Media Player and other external applications added to Open Link With menu. If any media player or program or browser not detected you can manually add them from Extension settings by clicking “Browse” button.

Remember by default Open Link With menu allows 5 programs to select from browsers and external applications. Here you may need to hide one or more in Open with or Open link With tabs depending on browsers and programs detected and shown on extension settings.

Browser View Plus Menu Settings

This extension offers Open with sub menu on Context menu to open the current page in other browsers and Open Link With offers sub menu on selected link to choose to open from browsers, download manager and media players.

Download Browser View Plus