Recently, I installed AVG 2013 (we’ve reviewed it here, you may want to read) and started using it, today, when I tried to uninstall it from the Control Panel, I got “driver installation failed, setup error”. I’ve used AVG antivirus in the past, but never got this error before.

It is always good to investigate the reasons for getting this error, but the installation log saved hasn’t helped much, let us take a look how to fix this.

Update: You can get this error when AVG installation fails also, I experienced this with AVG Internet Security 2015, I followed the instructions below and installed AIS 2015 again on my computer successfully without any issues.

Here is what error dialog says

Driver installation failed

Severity: Error
Error code: 0xC0070643
Error message: General internal error.
Additional message: The removal of the product failed.
Driver installation failed (0xE0010057)
Context: Uninstallation of AVG, MSI action failed

Go online to learn more about this issue.

AVG driver installation failed dialog


1. All you need to do is download and save AVG removal tool and run it.

2. Your system will automatically restart during AVG removal process, if your PC shows blank screen with a cursor a for a long time, then you can restart or shutdown your computer using physical buttons on your CPU.

3. Allow AVG remover to run on startup which removes the other leftover entries. That’s it! You can now install another antivirus or re-install AVG on your computer.

By following the steps mentioned above I’ve fixed the error, hope this helps, if you’ve any questions or doubts ask me in the comments.