Dropbox has added optional two-step verification security feature which when turned on requires user to enter security code sent via SMS to his/her mobile in addition to username and password,  the problem I am facing right now with this feature is I need to enter this code every time I sign into my Dropbox account even though I whitelisted my Computer as Trusted one.

If I restart the browser then Dropbox doesn’t remembers this info I need to enter the code again for sign-in. It seems as if Dropbox remembers device info per-session basis only. If you feel not convenient entering code again and again you can disable two-step verification for Dropbox, here is how.

Disabling Two-step verification for your Dropbox account

1. Sign into Dropbox, scroll down to bottom and under Account Sign in section where Two Step Verification status shown as Enable click “Change” next to it.

2. Enter your password if Dropbox prompts and click Next

3. Now click on Disable two-step verification, that’s it two-step verification has been disabled for your Dropbox account, you can enable this feature anytime you want by visiting Security tab in your account.