Avira 2013 released with tracking blocker tool for Browsers, which is built on Abine Do Not Track Plus, this tool comes part of Avira SearchFree toolbar and automatically blocks ad companies and social networks to prevent tracking you. We found Browser Tracking blocker more aggressive than we thought and found some sites not loading properly, sure! you can add some sites to allow tracking on Settings widget under Site exceptions. But if you want to disable or turn off Browser Tracking Blocker in Avira toolbar here is to how to do it for IE and Firefox browsers.

1. Click on Do Not Plus icon on Avira toolbar, from the popup shown click on Settings

2. Click on “Blocked” against All Tracking companies which turns to Allowed, click on “Done” button to save the changes.

Browser Tracking Blocker Widget Settings

Remember you can’t uninstall or remove Browser Tracker Blocker and Website safety advisor features individually as they both integrated into Avira toolbar, however you can remove both  of them together by uninstalling Avira Toolbar from your Computer.