This morning to celebrate Chrome’s fourth birthday Google has created Time machine which shows you history of Chrome since 2008, Google also said in their blog post that you can get surprise birthday gift from Chrome team if you find the hidden clue and type the secret code, have you found the hidden clue and code? guess what gift Google is giving to you? it’s a Chrome sticker to paste on your laptop, here is how to get it.

Before telling you the page where you can get the sticker let me tell you how to find the clue,

1. Visit Chrome Time machine page, use forward arrow on keyboard to go to December 2008 where title on tab shows you  06-28-2012 om46s

28 -06-2012

2. Now visit June 2012 and play Chrome story video and pause it after 26s

secret code

3. Visit link in your browser, fill your address to get Chrome laptop sticker, the page says “supplies are limited and unfortunately Google cannot guarantee that everyone who completes the form will receive a sticker. Google may use the information you provide for the sole purpose of sending you an awesome Google Chrome sticker, and will not share this information with third parties or use it in conjunction with any other products or services”

There are chances that people in U.S to get these easily. Let me tell you don’t need to follow steps 1 to 3, URL mentioned in 3rd step might be unique URL for all.

We’ve not found this, thanks to Francois Beaufort for discovery.

Update: The post has been updated with exact secret code appeared timing, thanks to Jack.