Google takes security of Chrome browser very seriously, part of that we know Chrome updates extensions installed from Chrome Web Store automatically to newer versions whenever developer releases the update, you can also manually update Chrome extensions by clicking on button provided on Chrome://extensions page. In the past Firefox used to show notification for extensions if an update is available so that user knows it then he may download and install it or ignores it, Firefox now follows Chrome, updates add-ons automatically, if you’re a user who wants to know when Chrome updates an extension and name and versions of extension that got updated you can achieve that by installing Extensions Update Notifier extension in Chrome browser.

Extensions Update Notifier for Chrome

Download and install the extension from here and this extension will let you know when an extension is updated with a notification and other  good thing with this extension is it supports disabled extensions too.

Extensions update notifier

If you think the feature of toggling extension update notification should be option in Chrome://extensions page then go ahead and start this issue.