Till now we used to bookmark any page in Chrome for future reference or reading by clicking ‘Star’ icon at the right end of address bar which now has been replaced with  ‘+’ sign button when you hover this Actions term appears, clicking on + sign menu shows Bookmarking and Share this page options. I can confirm this happened with today’s update to dev. Channel of Chrome which added this UI by default which Chrome team calling as Action Box, so don’t be surprise with this change if you’re on Dev version of Chrome..

Till today’s update experimental Action Box available as flag and still is available, we’ve checked twice by visiting about:flags in Chrome dev for Action Box which shows enable option, so I’ve confirmed my self this is not the change appearing in Chrome because of enabling Action Box flag, but I confirmed after reinstall of Chrome that latest dev update enabled Action Box by default.

Action Box UI

Using Action Box UI

Clicking on + sign menu shows Bookmark this page and Share this page actions. If you click on “Share this Page” a dialog  pops up which says “you have no services installed. Here are some app suggestions from the Chrome web store “ where the dialog shows 5 sharing apps for WordPress.com, Flattr, Addthis, Gmail and other unknown one.

webintent app suggestions

You can add any one of them to Chrome by clicking on “Add to Chrome” button. More suggestions link at bottom takes you to Chrome web store with some web intent apps for various social networking sites like Delicious, Blogger, Google+ and Digg where you can discover and add more to Chrome.

I‘ve installed Share to Gmail app which allowed me to share any page to Gmail and if you’re already signed in app adds page link you’re  on as a subject and in the body of message also.

Chrome still shows * icon next to + sign for the bookmarked page. You need to be using latest Chrome Dev channel to see Action Box toolbar UI in action.

Update: At present you can visit about:flags in Chrome and click “enable” button to disable Action box and you need to restart Chrome browser for the changes to take effect.

At least option to disable Action Box in Chrome Dev now available via flag, we don’t know the case when beta and stable versions are released since flags only available in Chrome Canary and Dev channels.

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